You might be surprised at the amount of waste that will be produced when you are renovating your home. The skip has probably already been ordered and is sitting on your drive but how do you propose to transport the waste from the back garden into the skip, especially when some of the pieces are so bulky and heavy that you cannot lift them into a wheelbarrow – Even if you could the pushing a wheelbarrow isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do when it is full. A good option for you would be to hire a JCB mini excavator, they are not only diggers but the bases can also be used to carry heavy materials quickly and easily through tight spots.

The benefit of hiring a JCB mini excavator or digger is that depending on the size of your home, you could potentially also use it indoors so long as the area is ventilated. It is common to see miniature versions used for hauling materials from indoor rooms to outdoors and then utilized for lifting any debris into a skip where a waste company can then take it away. The job will suddenly become much quicker when comparing the removal time to that which it would have taken by manually breaking everything up into smaller pieces and moving with a small wheelbarrow.

Before selecting and paying for a rental agreement on a JCB mini excavator, do consider where you wish to make use of it. If you propose to use it for digging out a new pond at the rear of your house, will you have access to move the heavy machinery into the correct area? If you only have a very slim walkway in which you can maneuver a wheeled or tracked digger then you are not necessarily out of luck as they are made in widths from all small as seventy centimeters; if you were to imagine that on a measuring tape then you might be surprised at how narrow that is. For bigger projects some might opt to have the machinery that they intend to use lifted in over the top of the house or building, but this is rarer due to the costs.

You will also need to consider who is going to be the operator for the digger; will it be yourself or a trained professional? If you choose to take to the wheel yourself then you might wish to consider some training by paying to use a simulator. Just as you might do for driving lessons, you can hire a digging simulator for an hour to test your skills and learn how to safely operate the powerful machinery, before letting yourself loose on the live machine itself. Most companies who offer this type of service will also be able to recommend organizations that sell JCB mini excavators that you can buy from.

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