Everyone is excited when they find a new apartment to rent or even a new house to buy. And probably everyone hates it when packing day arrives.

Learn how to ease this sometimes long and hard packing process. Probably the best advice is to start putting everything in order about a month or two prior to the actual moving date, so you are sure everything will be packed and ready to go.

Make a list of all the things you will need to buy, such as boxes of all sizes, suitcases, bags, tape, literary anything you can think of and anything that can help you pack all your stuff. Buy all of these at once or one at a time, every time you go to the supermarket.

Make sure you pack the living room furniture, carpets, chairs, paintings, and books in the same dining-room labeled box. Start with the small-sized objects and finish with the furniture, it is much easier this way.

Insist on the kitchen stuff you will need to use as soon as you will move in into your new place. Things such as dish soap, a sponge, scissors, plastic plates and forks, pots and others such should all be placed in a single big box.

You will of course need to pack a different similar box for every family member. Include new toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels and soaps, some change of clothes and just about anything you and your family would need in the first few days after moving.

Use double-thick Ziploc bags to pack all hardware and large items. Then make sure you place all these bags in the same big box, so that it will be easier to unpack and rearrange everything once you move.

Tape and label every single box so that you don’t end up in chaos looking for everything and not finding anything in your new house. When you’re finally done, take a last final look to make sure you’ve packed everything.

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