Bathrooms are infamous for being short on storage space for a long time. Surely they can be remodelled but it demands a lot of time and hassle on your part. You can innovate your cramped bathroom into something entirely different and amazing. Cabinets, spacesavers, shelves, racks and organizers on showerheads are old school, here are some new ideas to shake things up if you’re looking for something different from your usual style.

Mesh Laundry Bag

A mesh laundry bag will help you to organise your kid’s wet toys in one place and avoid them from slipping on them when they’re running around while taking a bath. Hang the bag above the tub to let them dry and stash the bag later in a storage bin.

Towel Racks / Rails

Racks with shelves above them or shelves that have hooks allow a considerable amount of more space than your regular shelves. The problem of limited wall space can be curbed by a towel rack that fits over the door.

Creativity with usage

Containers that you’ve discarded or can’t put to any other use can be used to hold several items on shelves. This can be a great DIY project for you, try painting or decorating the baskets or boxes in your bathroom. Label and colours can be used to clue you in about the contents. This will also help your shelf in looking way more organized than if you let your things scatter around the space.

A small bathroom is no luxury but that doesn’t mean it’s all waste. You can make the best of your situation by being proactive.

Organize your bathroom to make it look nicer and easier to use. Don’t forget to comment below if you’ve some more tips to add to our list, it’s always good to hear from you.

One of the best ways to use your space effectively is to use towel rails in tile walls, here’s how it’s done:

Installation of a towel ladders/rails in tiled walls

Why is towel rail a must?

A necessary feature in a good bathroom, a towel ladder/rail must be in a place from where you can easily reach to grab your supplies; from tub and shower.

Even though it’s not a rocket science to place a towel holder in your tile wall, you do want a steady step by step guide so that you can avoid any mishaps on your part.

After all our tile walls are one of the focal point in the appearance of our bathroom, and nobody wants to jeopardize that.

The location shouldn’t be only convenient but it should also look good and symmetric.

You can either glue your tile rack or drill the rack into the wall.

How to Glue-on Towel Racks?

Fix appropriate location

This rack can be installed in the shower or near the tub and sink. Mark your points in the wall using pencil or painter’s tape.

Measure carefully

After deciding what’s going to be the general location of your rack, measure the size of the wall and the distance between the rack and wall to make sure it’s properly aligned.


Wipe clean the back support with denatured alcohol for perfect bonding. Use silicone caulk on it, put it securely in the place with firm hands. Secure it further in place using painter’s tape until the caulk works its magic.

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