Are you concerned about everything you are hearing on the news these days? Are you thinking and talking with friends about global warming, ice melting and disappearing where it never has before in our memory, sea water rising, air contaminates that people are advised to stay indoors and animal species dying off at alarming rates? Have you been thinking about going green?

Areas that we can easily make changes that really do make a difference:


Did you know that the laundry detergent powders which we often use in our homes contain substances like phosphate and flammable peroxide toxins which are harmful to our long term health and causes serious eco damage? Therefore, it is very important for all of us to switch over to bio degradable fragrance free non toxic laundry detergent in order to prevent the pollutants from slowly but surely destroying our health, both immediate health issues and long term and our fragile ecosystem. Polluted water affects both human consumption and animal life.

You might have experienced the rashes or itching on your skin after using some chemical based washing detergents. Especially those with fragrances added. Furthermore, the conventional detergent powders are derived from the strong chemicals and they leave sufficient amount of residues on our clothes he even after drying them.

When these residues come in contact with our skin, they can react differently and cause skin problems like invitation and itching sensations. Eco friendly cleaning laundry detergents are an alternative for this problem since they do not have any harmful toxic chemicals.

Important features of fragrance free non toxic laundry detergent:

• It has nominal boosters and brighteners
• It contains neutral pH levels which is gentle on clothes and on our hands
• It is free from substances like phosphates and peroxide toxins
• It is free of petrochemicals and phosphates

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