Packing supplies are often overlooked in a mail order business, yet they can actually end up eating into your profit margins substantially.

You may well always be leaving purchasing them to the last minute and be more focused on your actual production costs, but this can result in you paying far more for your packing materials than you need to.

If as an example you are buying them from a local newsagent or even your local supermarket, you may well be paying several hundred percent more than you would be if you had shopped around, or planned your purchase in advance.

Even a specialist stationary warehouse may not actually be your best supplier of cheap packing materials.

To get the best prices on your packing materials you should use the power of the Internet. Many comparison sites feature packaging materials so that you can see the best priced items at a glance.

You may also find that a “One stop shop” is not necessarily the cheapest option, and you may well save money by buying different items from different suppliers e.g. buy cardboard boxes directly from the cardboard box suppliers, and bubble wrap directly from the bubble wrap supplier.

Whilst this may take up slightly more time you may find you make some massive costs savings, which will add to the bottom line of your business.

Also look at the quantities that you are buying in. If you are using two hundred boxes of a specific size each month, then why not buy them all at once rather than ten or twenty at a time? Buying in smaller quantities may seem to be better for cash flow in the short term, but in the longer run it may cost you a fortune by paying inflated prices. You will find that by buying in bulk that you actually pay far less per unit price than you would have if you just bought ten boxes at a time.

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