If you want to protect your building from the danger of fire, consider installing a smoke vent system in it. Different types of smoke vents that match your specification are available in the market and online stores. The vent is installed in a building in the form of an opening or outlet through which the smoke caused by a fire can go out from the house or building. This is the best fire protection you can install to prevent damage and smoke by a fire. It is installed on the roof. Fire vents make the interiors free of smoke and help in seeing clearly during a fire rescue operation after a fire breaks in a building.  

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Automatic opening vents are useful in many ways. It provides natural ventilation in small-sized flats, basement, and enclosed parking areas for a car. The vent can be used as an escape route for people who are in the fire rescue team. You must buy a smoke vent according to your requirement and the project for which you need it. It is important to buy the right smoke vent made of superior quality material like polycarbonate, glass or aluminium. Vents that have good control panels and battery backup are very useful. You should use a smoke vent that has a firefighter’s switch and smoke detector. 

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Smoke vent system that can be installed in the corridor, stairwell, and windows are preferred by homeowners. Most people like the polycarbonate vents as the material is flexible and clear. It transfers the light through it and you can see through it. Glass smoke vents have a superior function. It has a flat glazed look. It is best for use in a flat roof and it allows light to pass through it. Solid lid vents are good when you don’t need natural light to enter the building. Single leaf vents can be opened easily. It is suitable for the staircase and corridor. Double leaf vents are most suited for use in a commercial building or an industrial area. It is installed on a large-sized roof.

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