Everyone wants to see their home beautiful & well managed. Lots of things are being tried by us to keep the things in right way but some time it does not happen. We can also speak as simply word that we are not so expert that we can place the things very properly. There are few expert people in the field of home & interior decoration who can very well suggest us about the interior decoration. The name of an expert is George Couri who is suggesting us lots of interior decoration tips.

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First of all Geoge Couri wants to suggest about the rugs or carpet which really plays an important role for flooring. He says that if you keep the rugs & carpet on the floor then the noise of the floor will be very low. Second he is suggesting that by suing the carpet your floor will look more beautiful than other. Geoge Couri is also suggesting that by using the rugs or carpet one can feel warm on the floor. Other thing he is suggesting that lighting also plays very important role if the lights are not proper than you cannot expect the proper shining & brightness of the room. Lighting should also be very different for different-different rooms.

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Stickers also give a very unique role in providing beauty to walls. There are different kind of stickers are available which can be used in different-different walls. George Couri is also suggesting about the colors of the rooms he says that colors must be used very smartly as per the natural light of the room. As far as roofing is concerned, George Couri is suggesting about the best roofing techniques, which can save your home from all extreme weather conditions. So overall we can say that all the tips are tremendous by George Couri.

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