One of the best ways to increase your enjoyment of your home and land is to build a small barn or storage building to store all your gardening and hobby equipment. You can build a small building to fit your lot size and storage needs for less than you think. We are not talking about a house to live in with bathrooms and kitchen — we are talking about a simpler building for only storage — there is a difference. When you think of barn design, think simple, but well built.

There are numerous sites on the Internet that have plans to purchase that will give you material lists, directions to build and finish, measurements for every piece of wood. If you follow the directions on the plans carefully, you will get a great barn or storage building to show for your work. You can finish the outside to look like your house and blend into your property. The inside can be left unfinished with racks and shelves for storage, or you can finish it to what ever degree you choose.

Every barn design starts with preparing the location and putting in proper footings to support the buildings’ weight. It is good to have a cement slab poured for the floor with your plan in mind so the attachments for the walls are in the cement where they belong. You will need to let the cement cure and make sure it is smooth and level. The next step is to frame in the building. The frame is what the walls and roof attach to. Take special care in properly attaching the frame upright pieces to the cement slab or footings. The frame needs to be square from all angles and the right dimensions to attach the walls and roof members to. Once the frame is built and perfect, you can proceed with the rest of the construction.

Many plans call for building the walls flat and then lifting them up and attaching them to the frame. You will need help to lift the finished walls and get them into place. Think about buying a nail gun before building your barn design. It will make the whole process go faster and more smoothly. Once the walls are in place check the door opening and make adjustments if needed so your door will fit. The roof is next. Your framing should have included the roof supports so you can now put the sheathing on and then the shingles or roofing material you choose.

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